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Recording of the Qur’an

Table of Contents
Name of the Qur’an
The story of Verse 95 from Surah 4
Conflict of the Well of Maᶜuna [بئر معونة]
Sermon of the pool of khumm (Khutbatul Ghadir)
Calamity of Thursday Raziatul Khamīs (11 A.H)
The compilation of the Qur’an
Were the seven aḥruf a seven dialects?
The forgotten Surah

The recording of the Qur’an is one of the most controversial topics among those which deal with the history and background of the Qur’an. Many Western scholars such as Wansbrough, Schacht and Jeffery have debated it. In this paper I discuss the stages of recording of the Qur’an, the different aḥruf Arabic dialects and towards the end I investigating the reasons behind the different qira’at, finally drawing some conclusions.

Name of the Qur’an
Most popular opinion has it that the word ‘Qur’an’ comes from qara’a, meanings to read or recite and Qur’an is the verbal noun of qara’a , (وقرأ الكتاب قراءة، قرآنا - بالضم). However, one of the definitions …

What did the Sahaba understand of Tawheed?

Islam is one of three the monotheistic beliefs, claims strongly on being the only true Religion of God. According to the traditions the Sahaba (followers of the Prophet Muhammad d. 11 A.H/ 632 C.E), came from different backgrounds, the Prophet hardly had any discussions with them on the concept of Tawhid (Oneness of God). The questions raised by the later generations were far harder than those of the Sahaba.It seems there were many critical issues were left un-discussed between the Prophet and his companions on the concept of One God, Angels and heaven and hell.

For example according to the tradition the Prophet asked a slave girl, ‘where is God?’, she replied: 'he is in the heavens', the Prophet asked ‘who am I?’ she replied: 'you are the Messenger of God', the Prophet on this replied to her master, ‘free her, she is a believer’. (Sahih Muslim). From the common sense God is greater than to be in heaven and yet the Prophet did not correct the girl. Anothe…